Cave: Balay sa Agta in Argao, Cebu

Itinerary: Bugasok Falls to Balay sa Agta then a quick stop to Mahayahay/Lawis Beach in downtown.

‘One wrong step, and you’ll die’. Hahaha. That trail to the described biggest cave in Cebu, Balay sa Agta was extreme. We merely crawled to pass through a cliff just to get in. The slimy rocks that we have to step on and the dead twigs that we need to hold are the only options we have. Gladly, we survived. hahaha.
My naughty girls can’t get enough of the crazy trek earlier that day so they soaked themselves and fulfilled one of the items on their bucket list: skinny dipping and me documenting.YOLO.Successful mga amegahs. (SLOW CLAP). Hahaha. Crazier than ever.

Up next: CAMPING


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