That was Wednesday when Eli invited me to go out for trekking Saturday of that week. We usually hang out to have dinner together so receiving that unusual invitation gave me an overflowing excitement that very moment. I expected it to be hard but the actual trek was even HARDER,swear (I wanted to go home). We were supposed to trek by ourselves and take the risk of getting lost in the middle of the jungle (adventure as it should be), expecting to bump unto some locals to guide us through just in case it happens. But we just can’t take the risk, we’re all girls and Darla was terrified (started to contact her family and friends to tell them our whereabouts) lol. So, we need a human GPS then.haha.

Gladly, just in time when we set foot in the jump off point, we met these two guys who were heading to the falls as well and invited us to go with them, perfect! (mentally calculating the sure guide-fee that these two should be getting).hahaha


Funny How: That’s Eli, taking her ‘lizard-like climb’ before setting foot to the last and highest falls.

Moving on, though it was not an easy and friendly trail, mother nature was just so good to showcase her beauty leaving us nothing but admiration, (nevermind the scratches). We were not able to climb to the peak though due to a heavy downpour and our two guides have given up. Hahaha. Well, considering the weather and how difficult the last trail to the peak would be, we can’t blame them, anyway, we just had enough. Conquering the “buhis-buhay” trail to the four waterfalls, and soaking ourselves to there cold-but-heaven-like water after the hardest trail in my life so far, the whatever-you-describe-trek is so worth it. SWEAR. Truly, an amazing experience, the cheapest yet but very rewarding.

Next time,¬†we’d rather take a chopper and be dropped off directly to the peak, kidding. hahahah.

IMG_20141005_132400 IMG_20141005_132442 IMG_20141005_133153 IMG_20141005_133442 IMG_20141005_144450 IMG_20141005_144923 IMG_20141005_150156 IMG_20141005_151425 IMG_20141005_151750 IMG_20141005_161745 IMG_20141005_165523IMG_20141005_165330



TREK : Kabang Falls in Brgy. Budlaan, Talamban, Cebu

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